The Logitech G903 Wireless Mouse

If you are looking for a gaming mouse and are considering a wireless one, the G903 is excellent and is compatible with PowerPlay continuous charging.

Background Info

I have just purchased the Logitech G903 wireless mouse which can be used with and without a wireless adapter. Luckily I discovered this one before the G900 which was the same price. The newer version has several improvements over the predecessor as well as compatibility with a mouse mat that can recharge the mouse wirelessly (they named this PowerPlay. The name they use for the wireless data transfer is Lightspeed).

Logitech G903

At the foot of this page, you will find a Logitech video, a review and general advice for choosing a gaming mouse in case your not sure. For now, let’s assume you already quite like the G903 and want a bit more information so you can make up your mind.

I have done a lot of research on mice, and I chose the G903 because I really wanted a wireless option. But it is expensive, so it’s necessary to be 100% sure that you will be getting what you think you will be getting. This is particularly true when isn’t anywhere you can see the real thing to try out.

A Quick High-Level Overview

So here are the things I needed to know and did confirm as positive before buying:

  • The mouse can be used in both wireless or wired mode, as you prefer.
  • In wired mode, the mouse battery is being charged.
  • In wireless mode, the USB transceiver required for the PC fits onto the same mouse cable used to charge the mouse. There is an adapter included for this.
  • The G903 version is compatible with the PowerPlay mouse mat which can be used to charge the mouse wirelessly. You have to buy that part separately.
  • The side buttons can be moved to either side or both sides as you wish.

I don’t have the mouse pad part as yet. From reviews, I hear that when the mouse is in use, the pad will provide power indefinitely without necessarily increasing the stored charge. When not in use it still switched on, the mouse will be charged to capacity over a period of one or two days.

PowerPlay energy reception is achieved by inserting a component into the weight bay of the mouse. The component resonates with a magnetic field generated by the PowerPlay mat and converts this into electrical energy (note: this is not the same as Qi charging). Surplus energy is passed to the battery.

The extra charging component is not part of this package, but it will fit into the bay provided if and when you want to use it.

The G903 Components

Logitech G903 unboxed mouse components
The gently coiled mouse cable is in the base section along with the components box and paperwork. With packaging discarded, you have a mouse, charging cable and accessories case.
Logitech G903
In the accessories case is an optional weight, an adapter and transceiver for the charging cable, some buttons and a blanking plate.

How to Connect the G903 Mouse in Wired Mode

If you want to use the wired mode when gaming or you need to charge its internal batteries you can insert the Y shaped adapter into the slots on the front of the mouse. Ensure that the embossed Logitech symbol on the cable and the mouse are both facing upward. This will align the d-shaped connector correctly.

Logitech 903 - connector
When you need to recharge the mouse, plug in the mouse cable and continue using it as normal.

How to Connect the G903 Mouse in Wireless Mode

To use the mouse in its wireless mode insert the USB wireless transceiver into the rectangular USB adapter then connect the Y shaped cable end into the adapter. Ensure that the embossed Logitech symbol on the cable and the adapter are both facing upward to align the d-shaped connector correctly.

When in wireless mode, the charging cable is used to carry the transceiver via an adapter. You should position this near to the mouse for efficient data transfer.

Connection Issues

I’ve had a G903 that has worked perfectly for several years, but there have been disconnection issues for months now. The OS is trying to install a driver for the mouse and each time it tries the cursor disappears and control is lost.

I use to get this when I switched from wireless to wired mode, but now I’m getting it in wireless mode as well :0(

The issue coincided with the appearance of Logitech’s recharging mouse mats, which I don’t have or want. They use a unified driver for all their mice and are needlessly wrecking the rather good and expensive mouse in the process.

The Logitech Video of the G903

Run Time: 3:00

The Logitech site has a description and a user manual that you can use to cross-reference any of the details you may be concerned about:

An In-Depth Review of the G900

Run Time: 3:31

Rocket Jump Ninja gives a really deep analysis of mice and here is his view of the G900. The G903 is similar to the G900, but improves on some of its features as well as adding the PowerPlay feature. It’s not the highest mouse on his list, but it’s the best wireless mouse.

How to Choose a Gaming Mouse

Run Time: 7:08

If you are still unsure, it’s worth checking over the details considered by Rocket Jump Ninja. In it, he will tell you something of the size and shape of the mouse that would suit you as well as drawing attention to details you may not have thought about.



Care has been taken to keep the information in this article as accurate as possible but errors are possible, so be aware of the full disclaimer here.

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